It Ain’t Real: Social Media and the Lie of Perfection

Sadly, even in a world where body positivity is becoming more widely accepted, social media still has a tendency to value fantasy over fact.

Back to Basics: Keep Your Neck in Check

As much emphasis as we put on anti-aging routines for the face, somehow our necks are still being left out of the conversation.

Let’s Review: Ready for my Close-Up with M2U NYC (Video Tutorial Inside!)

As video conferences and Zoom parties are becoming the norm under quarantine, we are now presented with a new beauty question: how do I look good on camera without going overboard?

Back to Basics: Saving Your Skin

Before you go out and look for your skincare’s holy grail, there are a few things you should keep in mind

Let’s Review: The Fast Face Kit by The Lip Bar

My Fast Face Kit arrived in an adorable mailer with the message “We can’t WAIT to see you in this, BABE!” printed across the front. I didn’t even open it yet and I already felt special. Everything arrived without a single scratch, totally pristine and ready to use.