Let’s Review: Mally Beauty Circle of Light Kit

Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal has entered the “fast face” realm with her Circle of Light Kit. With seven products (plus a bonus product if you join the quarterly membership), this kit claims to brighten your face in five minutes or less, even without foundation. Normally, I would use these kinds of products over foundation, but I wanted to challenge its claims head-on. So, with a clean and moisturized face, I gave it my best shot.

It even came with a handy face chart!

The first product I applied was the Perfect Prep Poreless Primer. Like most mattifying primers, I instantly felt the silicone-based smoothness. It did give my skin a wonderful finish and I could tell that if I were to wear foundation over it, I would be good for the day or night.

The next product I applied was the Perfect Prep Undereye Brightener. Only two shades exist (one for lighter, one for medium/deep) and I chose the latter. The yellow-tinted formula only slightly color corrected the darkness around my eyes, but it did absorb quickly. I think I’ll stick to my deep peach corrector that I normally use.

After that came the Shimmer, Shape, and Go trio. Of the three, the clear standout was the highlighting stick. The highly blendable formula gave my cheekbones a noticeable lift without being too obvious, even on bare skin.. The blush stick came in this lovely fuchsia and diffused onto my cheeks with ease, giving it a lovely wash of color. I will most likely use the build-able formula if I want an especially rosy cheek. The face chart claimed that it doubled as a lip color, but the pigment didn’t show through on my darker lips. C’est la vie. The contour stick didn’t do much for me either, as it was nearly the same shade as my skin. If anything, I could use it as a cream foundation or concealer if I’m in a rush.

The two cream eye shadows, albeit small, showed some promise with their texture and color payoff. When applied to my inner corners, the Champagne shade opened my eyes while the Burnished Bronze stick gave my eyes a surprisingly smokey finish. I would gladly use the latter of the two as a base for a copper- or chocolate-brown shimmer shadow.

Of the brow pencils I have tried recently, the one that came in this kit was my favorite. While it too sports a triangular tip, the drier formula gave me more control in building the intensity of my eyebrows and enabled me to create a sharper edge without using a clean angle brush or concealer to clean up. Lastly, the unique divots in the mascara brush caught my shorter lashes and made it clump-resistant to the point that I didn’t have to wiggle the applicator.

The very last step was applying the Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. I was a little dubious because the texture reminded me of Vaseline, but when applied with the accompanying sponge, any oil that was still on my face was obliterated. Unfortunately, it also toned down the highlight that I had applied, causing me to replace it over the finishing touch. My skin looked noticeably smoother, and the texture turned to a feather-light powder with no signs of chalkiness whatsoever. I approve!

Now, the likelihood of me wearing the Circle of Light Kit sans foundation is just about zero. I would only do so if it was my day off and I wanted to look just a step above makeup-free. With that being said, the elements of the kit are worth incorporating into my normal makeup routine, especially the highlight and bronze cream shadow sticks. If you’re looking for a product line that is bare bones and just enough to enhance an otherwise bare face, then this is for you. Mind you, the introductory offer of $39.95 gives way to full pricing with the next quarterly shipment, but you can control your pricing by editing your kit down to your favorites or add other products such as foundation, lip color, eye palettes, and more at a lesser price for being a member. Otherwise, the elements of this kit and many more products are available for a la carte purchase on Mally.com

Published by Jasmyn Elliott

I am a beauty and wellness blogger based in South Florida. My interests and expertise include skincare, makeup, fashion, mental health, and social commentary.

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