We Need to Talk About This…

I was trying not to feed into this.

I was trying to make The Lipstick Therapist a haven from the craziness going on around us. But, after some thought, I figured that it would be irresponsible not to add my voice to the discussion.

As we all know by now, the COVID-19 viral epidemic has changed our way of life on a global scale, and not in a good way. The infection rates and death tolls continue to rise across the world. Social distancing guidelines and statewide lock-downs have rendered entire industries dormant, leaving untold millions out of work. With the exception of one essential outing, I have not left my immediate neighborhood since St. Patrick’s Day. Like many of you, I am temporarily out of work with a limited amount of income promised to me in the meantime. As time passes and the day where some normalcy returns to us seems to get further and further away, I too wonder what “normal” will be once this is over. While I am blessed to not have to worry about a roof over my head or food in my stomach (thanks Mom), I do worry about how the aftermath of this will impact my immediate and long-term future. I also worry how it will impact the future on a larger scale, especially those who will inevitably mourn the loss of loved ones to this mysterious, brutal sickness. To those who have lost anyone or who are currently suffering due to this pandemic in any way: my heart goes out to you.

Even so, in this time I have recognized the blessing that is the gift of time that this debacle has given many of us. I have seen many friends dive deeper into their creativity or finally take the leap into finally trying something new. I too danced with DJ D-Nice in my kitchen and imagined Michelle Obama doing the same. I’ve seen so much beautiful art, kindness, and generosity among the wreckage that this has caused, and it is those things that lift my spirit, reminding me that this too shall pass.

Also in that time, I launched this blog, debuted its accompanying YouTube channel, and have embarked on what I hope will become a lifelong journey in showing the world that beauty can be harnessed as a tool that goes far beyond skin-deep. While I wish the circumstances were far different and not at all perilous to anyone, I have to admit that none of this would have happened if I didn’t have this newfound time. I want to say thank you, the readers and watchers, so much for supporting my newest baby; I hope that I am helping you in my own little way by writing this blog and recording tutorials. As this blog grows, I hope that it serves as a reminder that even in these dark times, we can find beauty in ourselves and in the world around us. While lipstick may not save the world, it can at least make us smile.

I suppose all of this is to say that I am right there with you, and I hope that as time goes on and this is all over, The Lipstick Therapist continues to be a light in darker times and a place where you can escape the rigors of the day to day, even if it’s just to talk about makeup.

Stay well and stay safe always.

Published by Jasmyn Elliott

I am a beauty and wellness blogger based in South Florida. My interests and expertise include skincare, makeup, fashion, mental health, and social commentary.

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