My name is Jasmyn Elliott and I believe in the healing power of beauty.

From when I was a teen, I was fascinated with how beautifying myself reflected my inner dialogue or provided a shield with which I could face the world when I wasn’t feeling my best. As a beauty professional, I saw firsthand how a relaxing facial, a sharp winged eyeliner, or the perfect red lipstick could revive one’s spirits and put an extra spring in their step. I also saw how a lack of self-care, even the superficial kind, can be so draining to one’s psyche, thus negatively impacting how we show up in the world.

Mind you, I am all about inner beauty being the true prize. There is no concealer powerful enough to cover an ugly spirit. With that being said, I also don’t think that beauty should be tossed out of the window in favor of a world void of aesthetic pleasure. I believe in a world where beauty can be used as an effective tool to bolster one’s confidence, boost one’s mood, and at least encourage a little fun now and again.

Thus, I am The Lipstick Therapist. I encourage people of all kinds to use beauty to their advantage, as a means to inspire strength, be seen at their best, and yes, turn a few heads. I also expose how the beauty industry can sometimes impact our mental health in a not-so-flattering way and how to navigate around that.

So, what makes me qualified to call myself “The Lipstick Therapist”? For one, I do have some clinical training. I acquired my Master of Social Work from Florida State University in 2019 and have a few years’ experience working with vulnerable populations, during which time I counseled my clients and directed them to community resources. I am also a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, and a lover of all things having to do with beauty with several years experience in these realms. By marrying these two skillsets together, I am more than qualified to discuss this and many more topics.

Overall, my hope is that The Lipstick Therapist becomes a top destination for those looking to indulge their beauty obsessions while keeping their wits about them. While my practice is not a replacement for attending therapy with a qualified professional, my hope is that The Lipstick Therapist provides a space for using beauty as a way to both enhance and empower ourselves.

Published by Jasmyn Elliott

I am a beauty and wellness blogger based in South Florida. My interests and expertise include skincare, makeup, fashion, mental health, and social commentary.

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