Meet The Lipstick Therapist


My name is Jasmyn Elliott and I am the brains and beauty behind The Lipstick Therapist LLC. The Lipstick Therapist originally began as a beauty blog, but has since evolved into a growing life coaching and image consultant practice. I obtained my master’s degree in social work from Florida State University in 2019, my life coaching certification from Transformation Academy, and have worked as an esthetician/freelance makeup artist since 2015. By combining my expertise in social work, life coaching, beauty, skin care, and image consulting, it is my aim to assist my clients in looking great, feeling better, and getting ready to show their best selves to the world. Most importantly, it is my passion to help my clients find their voice, build their self-confidence, and refine their style in a way that is authentic to their true selves rather than conforming to society’s (often unrealistic) standards of beauty.